Learn. Develop. Take Over.

Succession planning is necessary for a smooth transition as leaders leave the workforce and must be replaced. By involving L&D as a strategic partner, human resources can tailor succession plans to organizational goals and more easily identify high-potential talent, who can then be developed to fit organizational needs. By partnering with L&D, human re- sources will be better positioned to have complete succession plans in place, minimizing institutional knowledge loss and reducing the amount of outside recruiting to be done.

Mobile Classroom

With the rise of mobile technology — and especially smartphone technology — users are driving adoption and seeking out new ways to learn and gather information. Adapting mobile technology to fit the needs of the HR realm, organizations need only to embrace the devices people already carry in their pockets. Companies must remain vigilant to keep their data safe by taking proper precautionary steps they can harness the power of mobile learning and educate their employees anytime, anywhere.

Changing With the Times

As workplaces become more complex, the role of the human resources department has evolved from a tactical to a strategic one. No longer tasked with only ensuring compliance, today’s HR has a seat at the executive table, with CHROs being asked to take on more bottom-line responsibility.1 tasked with both improving workplace culture and increasing innovation within the organization. Aided by the latest technology, today’s HR aims to help the business achieve its operational goals.