The Week That Was

Santa isn't here yet, so keep yourself busy this weekend with these top five stories from for the week of Dec. 14. 

1. Do Personality Tests Yield Results?: Advancements in behavioral science have spawned a market of personality tests promising to improve employee engagement. But not all assessments are created equal. 

2. How to Use Pre-Hire Assessments: The pre-hire assessment industry is booming. Here's how talent managers can use them properly.

3. Foot Locker Inc.: Predictable Hiring Approved: Athletic apparel retailer Foot Locker Inc. used predictive analytics to improve front-line worker hiring amid high turnover and muted sales growth. 

4. The Intricacies of Creating a 'Coaching Culture': Creating an organizational culture on the ideals of professional coaching is more complicated than meets the eye. 

5. The Case for Competency Models: Competency models allow leaders to implement a systematic approach to all facets of talent management. Here's how to use them.

In Other News … 

Some firms are offering employees free or subsidized tests for markers linked to metabolism, weight gain and overeating, The Wall Street Journal reports

Also, seven things great listeners do differently, from Entrepreneur

Finally, The New York Times diagnoses Yahoo's Ills