The Week That Was

While your co-workers might be winding down in anticipation of their holiday breaks, jump start your intelligence this weekend with these top five stories from for the week of Dec. 7.

1. The Case for Competency Models: Competency models allow leaders to implement a systematic approach to all facets of talent management. Here's how to use them. 

2. Foot Locker Inc.: Predictable Hiring Approved: Athletic apparel retailer Foot Locker Inc. used predictive analytics to improve front-line worker hiring amid high turnover and muted sales growth.

3. Decoding Gender: Some companies are screening job postings for neutral descriptions. 

4. What Still Scares HR?: Talent practitioners are used to running HR as a function of support. Are they ready to pivot to a results-oriented environment?

5. Big Goals Take Small Steps: Daunting objectives require hard work and perseverance that will pay off.

In Other News … 

The Economist explores the rise of the term "hack," and its growing application in the business world. 

Also, Africa is a budding business environment, but companies are having a hard time finding local talent to run its operations, reports The Wall Street Journal

Finally, the best places to work in 2016, according to employees, via Business Insider