Where Is the Gender Pay Gap Worse for Black, Latino Women?

While more households are depending on the women’s wages, women’s earnings continue to lag behind men’s, especially for women of color.
The National Women’s Law Center recently analyzed 2014 earnings data from the U.S. Census Bureau, pulling out the top 10 states with the largest gender wage gap for black and Latino women. 
Louisiana tops the list for “Ten Worst States for African American Women’s Wage Equality” — black women make 48.2 cents to every $1 made by a non-Latino, white man. The District of Columbia follows, with black women earning 55.6 cents on every $1. Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Rhode Island, South Carolina, New Jersey and Texas are also on the list of states with the largest gender wage gaps for black women.
In New Jersey, Latino women earn the least in comparison to their white male counterparts — 42.7 cents for every $1 a man makes. California, Texas, Washington, Utah, Maryland, Alabama, Illinois and Rhode Island are also on the “Ten Worst States for Latinas’ Wage Equality.”
Connecticut holds the No. 10 spot on both lists.