The Week That Was

Fill in your mid-November lull before the holiday season with these top five stories from for the week of Nov. 9.

1. Difficult Interviews Lead to More Satisfied Employees | Video: A Glassdoor report shows that harder interviews make for more satisfied workers. Editors Lauren Dixon and Frank Kalman discuss in this edition of "Two Takes on Talent."

2. Conflict? Talk it Out: Today's leaders must navigate intense and emotionally charged discussions with open, vibrant and direct communication. 

3. Managing Knowledge Transfer When Older Workers Leave: An aging workforce creates the need for companies to manage the critical act of knowledge transfer. Here's what talent managers need to know.

4. Failure Analysis: Talent managers should consider using failure analysis as a means to solve problems and prevent talent losses.

5. JPMorgan Chase: Hiring at Attention: Financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co. goes the extra mile when hiring veterans, helping with job placement, housing and continuing education.

BONUS: Read & React: What is Talent Managers' Role in a World of Automated HR?: Share your insights on this article, and you could be featured in the January 2016 issue of Talent Management.

In Other News … 

Where does technological innovation come from? The Wall Street Journal explores

Also, companies often fail to make the most of leaders with foreign experience, The Economist reports.  

Finally, what to say when a hiring manager asks you how much money you currently make, via Business Insider.