The Week That Was

With so many conferences and meetings this time of year, it’s hard to keep up with industry news. Catch up on these top five stories from for the week of Oct. 19.


1. 5 Forces Shaping the Future of HR: Collaboration among top human resources officers suggests five big trends are on the horizon.


2. What’s Your Online Reputation?: Thanks to social media, today’s online reputation economy is humming with activity.


3. Drop Stereotypes, Adopt Archetypes: All genders possess masculine and feminine traits. Organizations miss out when they don’t recognize this fact or neglect to teach employees to balance the two.


4. How HR Technology Bolsters Learning: Of the many ways software has improved organizations, learning is likely the biggest benefit.


5. A Six-Hour Workday Becomes Reality in Sweden: In an effort to increase productivity, some companies in Sweden have moved to a six-hour workday. Another story highlights subtle red flags to watch for in the hiring process.


In Other News …


Intel is changing its benefits around fertility, Fortune reports.


Flexible work is on the rise, but is this good for the workers? Fast Company discusses.

Hungover workforces are costing the U.S. billions of dollars, according to Bloomberg Business.