The Week That Was

With the weather cooling, cozy up inside with these top five stories from for the week of Oct. 12.

1. The Cubs Way: As the Chicago Cubs' organizational rebuild starts to see on-field success, its human resources department stepped up to the plate to shape the team's behind-the-scenes business transformation. 

2. Peer Review to the Rescue: Informal peer review is becoming more common in organizational performance management. Here's how to do it right.

3. The State of Screening: Most companies let candidates explain past convictions, and a criminal past doesn't always mean not getting the job.

4. What's Your Talent Management Disaster Plan?: When natural disasters strike, here's how to keep your company afloat.

5. Cleaning Up 'Dirty Jobs': Being a truck driver or garbage handler is seldom considered a dream job. Here's how talent managers can go about filling such low-demand positions.

In Other News … 

Some companies are embracing a new and radical management practice: the 40-hour work week, reports The Wall Street Journal

Also, an argument against paying college athletes, from The New Yorker

Finally, 10 ways to get better at small talk, via Business Insider