The Week That Was

Celebrate the end of September with these top five stories from for the week of Sept. 28.

1. Belief Triggers Halt Behavioral Change: Everyone can come up with reasons to avoid change. These 'belief triggers' are most common, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith. 

2. Put Technology in, Coach: Professional coaching's effectiveness is becoming more dependent on integrating with technology. Are you prepared?

3. Cleaning Up 'Dirty Jobs': Being a truck driver or garbage handler is seldom considered a dream job. Here's how talent managers can go about filing such low-demand positions.

4. Why Diversity Programs Fail: Despite the proliferation of diversity and inclusion programs across America, the number of EEOC lawsuits continues to rise. Here's why, and what you can do to avoid them.

5. Ready for the Next Corporate Disaster?: Notable corporate disaster stories carry valuable lessons for talent managers.

In Other News … 

What's really holding women back in the workplace? The Wall Street Journal's special section explores.

Also, H-1B visa's are effective for helping foreign workers get jobs in the U.S., but as The New York Times reports, many companies are using them to train foreign workers on U.S.-based jobs before laying those U.S. workers off. 

Finally, 11 things smart people won't say out loud, from Business Insider