The Week That Was

With fall officially here, skip the beach to read these top five stories from for the week of Sept. 21.

1. Firms Boost HR Tech Spending: Half of talent managers say their companies' spending on HR technology grew year over year.

2. Undesirable Jobs Need Focused Recruiting Efforts | Video: When the economy is doing well, jobs that are deemed "dirty" are difficult to fill. Editor Lauren Dixon reports on the details of her September feature story.

3. HR Technology Special Report: Tech Benefits: With the Affordable Care Act seemingly at a point of no repeal, benefits managers must now place their focus on finding the right technology to manage the process.

4. Mastering Mind Expansion: People managers who expand the minds of others are vital in today's growing and complex organizations.

5. Learning to Fly: Boeing's AerosPACE Takes Flight | Case Study: To mend a persistent skills gap among engineering graduates, aerospace manufacturer Boeing Co. developed a program to directly influence students' learning by getting its leaders involved in the classroom.

In Other News … 

As VW deals with mounting scrutiny over the revelation that millions of diesel models contained software designed to evade emissions regulations, the company's CEO faced an uphill battle of his own, reported The New York Times. On Wednesday, he stepped down

Also, the golden age of the Western corporation may be coming to an end, writes The Economist

Finally, 12 signs you're about to be promoted at work, from Business Insider