The Week That Was

The official end to summer is nearing. So settle in with these top five stories from for the week of Sept. 7.

1. 5 Skills Every HR Pro Needs: Today's talent managers need cutting-edge skills that drive innovation, develop talent and leadership, transform culture and enhance the bottom line.

2. The Art of Negotiation: Talent managers need negotiation skills to compete in today's war for top talent. Here are some tips to consider.

3. Learning to Fly: Boeing's AerosPACE Takes Flight: To mend a persistent skills gap among engineering graduates, manufacturer Boeing Co. developed a program to directly influence students' learning by getting its leaders involved in the classroom.

4. Love or Lose Your Senior Talent: Older workers still bring value to the workplace. Use these strategies to keep them around. 

5. Issues With Outsourcing: HR professional Laurie Ruettimann defends traditional, compliance-driven practices.

In Other News … 

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