The Week That Was

Labor Day weekend is here! You can't possibly BBQ all day (or perhaps you can, we'll see). So if you need to take a break, dig into these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 31. 

1. Finding Talent Outside the Box: A tighter job market has talent managers expanding the scope of quality job candidate searches to those without core industry experience. Here are things to consider when recruiting atypical candidates. 

2. Amazon: Is Workplace Happiness Overrated?: Blogger Dan Bowling wonders: Is working at Amazon really that bad? 

3. 'Misfit' Management: Employers wanting to drive innovative thinking should take a lesson from the 'Misfit Economy.'

4. Amazon: the Greatest Place You Hate to Work: Amazon's workplace culture has been under scrutiny. Blogger Aubrey Daniels discusses the CEO's flaws in handling the recent New York Times article. 

5. Aligning Multiple Generations in the Workplace: What's more important than considering the future leaders of an organization? Making sure all present employees, regardless of their age, function well together. 

In Other News … 

Working fathers face stigma and isolation when they cut hours for child care, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Also, how strong is your organization against cyber-attacks? The Economist explores

Finally, nine things mentally strong people do to manage stress, via Business Insider.