The Week That Was

It's the last weekend before Labor Day weekend. End summer right with these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 24.

1. A Lack of Older Women in the Workplace | Video: A good workplace is one in which you can look around and see future versions of yourself. But for women, the exercise in mirroring gets harder and harder as they push toward 40. Editors Ladan Nikravan and Kellye Whitney discuss.

2. Amazon: Is Workplace Happiness Overrated?: Is working at Amazon really that bad? Blogger Dan Bowling explores.

3. The Future of Talent Technology: An old mindset still prevails when it comes to structuring HR technology — and it is inhibiting true innovation, writes columnist Al Adamsen.

4.Who is a Millennial and What Difference Does it Make?: Millennials are often miscategorized, leading to the impression that the whole generation is lazy, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels. Many are actually hardworking, creative and collaborative.

5. SEC Now Requires Pay Gap Reporting | Video: The Securities and Exchange Commission will now require public companies to report the pay gap between median employee wages and CEO pay. Editors Lauren Dixon and Frank Kalman discuss. 

In Other News … 

Typically employee feedback comes with names attached, but some firms are trying anonymous systems, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Also, the best jobs now require you to be a "people person," reports FiveThirtyEight

Finally, here's what you can earn working at Facebook, from Business Insider.