The Week That Was

Take a break from the summer heat with these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 17.

1. The Truths of Behavioral Change: Some people say they want to change, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith, but they don't really mean it.

2. General Mills: Serving Up Wellness: General Mills' wellness infrastructure includes everything from on-site doctors and specialist clinics to healthy eating options and walking workstations.

3. Collaboration Catalysts: Do you want to make social collaboration a part of your workplace? Look no further than human resources to help improve productivity and drive business outcomes.

4. Changing the Conversation: Definitions of diversity value differ by generation, and companies need to understand the disparate perspectives to make the most of diversity and inclusion.

5. Earning "Acclaim" for Stealth Development: Weaving career development into work flow makes for an organic and powerful tool for talent managers. But becoming too stealthy risks the effort going unnoticed. 

In Other News … 

While some companies like Zappos are going the self-management route, some prior middle-managerless startups are adding back the middle ranks as business grows and the framework becomes unsustainable as a result, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Also, The New York Times published a lengthy expose last weekend of's brutal work culture, but was the report on target? The Times' public editor weighs in.

Finally, five ways to get a promotion without having to ask for it, from Business Insider.