The Week That Was

Take a break from the mid-August heat with these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 10.

1. Why Women Get Stuck As Midlevel Managers: "Out of the Comfort Zone" host Wanda Wallace discusses how pushing subject matter experts up the career ladder can also increase gender diversity in top executive positions.

2. General Mills: Serving Up Wellness: General Mills' wellness infrastructure includes everything from on-site doctors and specialist clinics to healthy eating options and walking workstations. 

3. Frequent Reviews Yield Higher Engagement | Video: By having multiple reviews each year, employees can learn more about their performance, and then adjust accordingly. 

4. All Work and No Play: Longer working hours are the new normal, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Editor Lauren Dixon explores the implications. 

5. Preparing Employees to Telecommute: Telecommuting has become increasingly desirable for both employees and employers. Here's how to put the right systems in place to make it work. 

In Other News … 

Companies are starting to pull back on so-called "failure parachutes," or severance packages, amid heightened attention on departing CEO pay, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Also, is our country's patent system holding back innovation in the economy? The Economist explores.

Finally, how Alabama football coach Nick Saben used psychology to build a college football dynasty, via Business Insider.