The Week That Was

Fight off the dog days of August by reading these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 3. 

1. Preparing Employees to Telecommute: Telecommuting has become increasingly desirable for both employees and employers. Here's how to put the right systems in place. 

2. Cold Offices Make for Less Productive Employees: It's 86 degrees, but editor Lauren Dixon is wearing a sweater. Why are office buildings so cold?

3. Mentoring in Precarious Situations: Mentoring in a fast-paced setting or when the protégé is in a different location requires special attention, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith.

4. New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace: Scripps Network Interactive co-founder Susan Packard gives advice on how women can display their competitiveness in a way that maintains likability and ensures success.

5. Gig Economy Trend Lacks Evidence | Video: The proof is lacking regarding the trend of informal workforces. Editors Frank Kalman and Lauren Dixon discuss. 

In Other News … 

Netflix is offering new parents who work at the company one year of paid leave, via The Wall Street Journal.

Also, most of what you think about millennials in the workplace isn't true, reports The Economist.

Finally, popular dating app Tinder is venturing into professional networking, via Business Insider.