Nuances Go a Long Way

Have you ever wondered if your current job is actually contributing to your broader career goals? Here are a few tips that will help make your jobs work for you and your long-term career.

Choose experiences over titles. Your job experiences shape you as an employee. When I graduated from college, I knew nothing about business software products, but I accepted a position in this field anyhow. I went out of my way to gain expertise in new areas and understand different points of view, which added to my personal arsenal of skills.

As you move through different roles, don’t obsess over job titles. Beenergized and passionate about what you’re doing and keep applying your newfound abilities to help move your career forward.

Create your own luck. Positioning yourself for success is almost as important as excelling in your role. Early in my career, I had friends who helped get my foot in the door, but once I was there, it was all about leaning in, being proactive, taking on additional responsibilities and proving myself. Hard work allowed me to gain experience in other departments with people I still work with today.

Know your potential, aim high, set yourself up for success and make the most of your abilities — it’ll ultimately lead you to other great opportunities.

Break out of your circle. Look beyond your core team when you consider networking for the future. My career has been a diverse assortment of wonderful opportunities that came my way because of the relationships I built inside and outside of my teams.

Go out of your way to meet new people in different departments, connect with them outside of work, and make sure they are aware of what you’re capable of. They could present new career options down the line.