The Week That Was

Make your weekend instantly better by reading these top five stories from for the week of July 20. 

1. Technology's Role in Onboarding: Onboarding is an increasingly important point in the employee life cycle. Talent managers can bolster their efforts with these technology 'hacks.'

2. State Marijuana Laws Complicate Federal Job Recruiting | Video: Although some states allow recreational marijuana use, federal laws remain the same, thus complicating recruiting efforts. Editors Lauren Dixon and Kate Everson discuss.

3. Revamping Talent Metrics for Better | July Issue Case Study: Financial services firm Western Union Co. implemented a standardized talent reporting system to show cost-conscious executives the hidden value of HR. 

4. Candidate Insight Found in Personality Assessments | Video: Personality assessments can help reveal where a job candidate would best fit. Editor Lauren Dixon has more in this video. 

5. Don't Pingpong Around on Culture: A fun culture for millennials doesn't require games, writes editor Frank Kalman in his July editor's letter.

In Other News …

Companies are scrambling to track and manage the hours their employees work, as the White House issues a new proposal that would put more U.S. workers in line for overtime pay, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here

Also, there's a big spreadsheet going around at Google where everyone is telling each other how much they get paid, and Google's executives aren't happy about it, reports Quartz. Read here

Finally, 23 introverts who became extremely successful, from Business Insider. Read here