The Week That Was

Sit back, relax, hit the beach and read these top five stories from for the week of July 13 this weekend. 

1. The Word Cisgender Is Now Official: The Oxford English Dictionary's newest addition makes steps toward stronger gender diversity, writes editor Kellye Whitney.

2. Study: Daughters of Working Moms Have More Successful Careers: By making it possible for women to balance work and family, employers can help build a pipeline for more women in leadership positions. 

3. Will You Ride the Millennial Wave?: Millennials are taking over the workforce. By paying attention to some best practices, employers are more likely to retain young talent. 

4. Western Union: Revamping Talent Metrics for Better: Financial services firm Western Union Co. implemented a standardized talent reporting system to show cost-conscious executives the hidden value of HR. 

5. Recruiting Women in Male-Dominated Industries: Hireology CEO Adam Robinson shows that it's possible to create a gender-balanced workforce even in traditionally male fields. 

In Other News … 

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