The Week That Was

It's hard to believe the dog days of summer are almost here. Take a break from the weekend heat wave with these top five stories from for the week of July 6. 

1. SHRM Day 2: Building Skills With It's all about education and professional development during editor Frank Kalman's second day at the SHRM annual conference and exposition in Las Vegas.

2. The Word Cisgender is Now Official: The Oxford English Dictionary's newest addition makes steps toward stronger gender diversity, writes editor Kellye Whitney.

3. Urban Talent Myths Exposed: Many talent managers still hold onto outdated models and theories that are in need of being revised.

4. Playful Office Design Makes Employees Feel Young Again: A youthful office space can lead to a younger-feeling workforce with greater productivity, writes editor Lauren Dixon. 

5. Mentoring in Precarious Relationships: Mentoring in situations that don't fit the traditional mold requires an attitude of awe best done through humility, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith. 

In Other News … 

More of Generation X is moving into the corner office, bringing along different leadership qualities, writes The Wall Street Journal. Read here

Also, lawsuits in light of Uber about the meaning of employment could have far-reaching implications for many industries, writes The Economist. Read here

Finally, the 21 questions you'll have to answer if you ever want to work for Goldman Sachs, via Business Insider. Read here