The Week That Was

Are you behind on your Talent Management reading this summer? Well, we have you covered with the top five stories on for the week of June 29.

1. Innovate Your Interviews: Job interviews have taken all kinds of forms over the years. What techniques and questions are important in 2015?

2. America’s $10 Bill to Have Woman’s Face: The U.S. Treasury’s announcement sparks conversation over who will be the newest woman on American currency.

3. Special Report: Let’s Make a Workforce Plan: Access to human capital data and technology has propelled workforce planning to the top of the agenda. Still, mature adoption remains tepid.

4. Two Takes on Talent: Background Tests, Assessments Slow Hiring: Because of popular and cheap background checks, it’s taking longer to hear back about a job offer. In other news, rulings in California could mean big changes for Uber, the ride-hailing service.

5. Employee Recognition Programs Can Increase Engagement: Hilton’s Team Member Appreciation Week leads to increased engagement among its workforce.

In Other News…

State laws that legalize marijuana have led to a more difficult recruiting landscape for federal jobs, The New York Times reports. 

Women in manager roles have yet to help female counterparts break down the wage gap, writes Fast Company. Read the story here.

 Ben & Jerry’s is under a microscope after labor advocates report low wages, poor housing and abusive bosses, The Nation reports.