The Week That Was

The Week That Was is taking next week off, as I am traveling to sunny Puerto Rico for some R&R. Get your fix this weekend with these top five stories from 

1. Being Down Doesn't Mean Staying Down: Lifestyle specialist Maisha Wynn overcame depression to start her own business. Hear what she has to say about what women need to do and remember to keep mentally healthy in the gruelling grind of professional life.

2. Do Men and Women Lead Differently?: Different leadership styles suggest that talent managers should refocus their development strategies. 

3. How to Stop Workplace Bullying: Clamping down on workplace bullying could mean saving thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Here's where talent managers can start.

4. Getting Management's Attention: Timely, topical and well-framed talent agenda items are vital when trying to get senior management's undivided attention.

5. Say, What Did You Mean By That?: Microaggressions are a fact of life for women and minorities. But most offnders are not overt racists out to deliberately cause harm — they're normal people, acting on unconscious bias.

In Other News … 

In a two-tier wage system, the lower-paid workers scale back their efforts, according to a recent study. The Wall Street Journal has more here.

Also, the 9-5 job is dying, according to Business Insider. Read here.

Finally, how to build a partnership with someone you don't like, from Entreprenuer. Read here