Read & React: Have We Taken the Human out of Human Resources?

To job seekers, getting in front of decision-makers appears to be an impossible task.

Employers claim every job posting generates thousands of résumés and that they need an efficient way to cull through them. But have we replaced common sense and good judgment with technology? 

Have we taken the “human” out of human resources?

Computer algorithms are ignoring perfectly suitable candidates. We have all heard the tale of the CEO who could not get through his own company’s screening mechanisms. The computer screening process determined even that leader didn’t have the necessary skills to be successful. 

Even minimum-wage jobs have set ridiculously high standards. To get a seasonal job at Home Depot or Lowe’s requires filling out questionnaires that take more than 45 minutes. Many of the people who are applying for these types of jobs don’t have computers, let alone computer skills — which aren’t necessary for the job for which they’re applying. 

Few things in life fit neatly into a multiple-choice question. Most things require a conversation. What happened to the 20-minute interview to access capability and skills?

Job seekers have the right to be frustrated. The system is broken. I’m not suggesting HR eliminate recruiting software. I am suggesting we design broader questions to unearth the information you need for each position to help you make the first cut. Cast a wider net and talk to “atypical” candidates. You might just find they’re a better fit.

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