The Week That Was

Take in the three-day weekend with these to five stories from for the week of May 18.

1. Diversity at Google Off to a Good Start: A year after publishing dismal diversity numbers, Google releases its plan to mix up the demographics of its workforce.

2. Managing Life After Mentoring: As you and your protégé reach the end of your partnership, how do you manage 'farewell' with a focus on 'well'?

3. Analytics in Learning Programs | Video: Brian Gaspar of Skillsoft and SumTotal provides insight into the current state and future of analytics within learning programs.

4. Firms Recognize Engagement: Recognition programs are among the to methods companies use to promote employee engagement.

5. Treating Employees as Customers: Organizations should rethink the way they deliver services to the workforce. Is 'consumerized' HR the new normal?

In Other News … 

Maybe collaboration in the workplace isn't all it's cracked up to be, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Also, The New Yorker further analyzes the wrongs of the nail-salon industry. Read here.

Finally, the real reason you shouldn't wear pajamas that look like a suit. Read here.