The Week That Was

Top off this weekend's spring cleaning with these top five stories from for the week of May 11.

1. Mending the STEM Gap: Increasing the number of women in STEM jobs requires companies to adjust their recruiting strategies and broader cultural norms.

2. Treating Employees as Customers: Organizations should rethink the way they deliver services to the workforce. Is 'consumerized' HR the new normal?

3. Why Women Should Watch Clinton and Fiorina: Two women plus two parties equals four areas of leadership that women should keep in mind, both in business and politics, writes editor Kate Everson.

4. Two Takes on Talent: Résumé News, Wage Increases Planned | Video: A patent filed by LinkedIn could mean fact checking résumés, and a new form of résumé challenges traditional methods. Wage increases also in the news because of market growth. Editors Lauren Dixon and Frank Kalman discuss.

5. MetLife's GLobal Mobility Surge: In light of a massive global expansion, MetLife Inc. created a mobility program to provide its senior leaders much-needed international experience. 

In Other News … 

Companies are pushing up efforts to ask — and, in some instances, require — employees to wave their right to sue, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Also, how to build a social media strategy that works, from Entreprenuer. Read here.

Finally, what it's like to work for Elon Musk, via Business Insider. Read here.