The Week That Was

Make your weekend more enjoyable by reading these top five stories from for the week of April 20.

1. Why 'Leaders Eat Last': Leadership is a skill, not an entitelement, says author Simon Sinek.

2. Say, What Did You Mean by That: Microaggressions are a fact of life for women and minorities. But most offenders are not overt racists out to deliberately cause harm — they're normal people, acting on unconscious bias.

3. The Pursuit of Less: By strategically taking on less, business leaders can provide more value, argues author Greg McKeown.

4. The World of 'Beyond Employment': Talent platforms like Elance offer alternatives, but their biggest influence: changing the talent systems inside organizations. 

5. Still a Slow Roll for Social: Social technology adoption is on the rise among talent managers, but lags in some surprising areas. 

In Other News … 

Companies are still having a hard time grading employees, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Also, 15 things you should never put on your resume, from Business Insider. Read here.  

Finally, family firms were once the fixture from American business. Though these firms are less prevelant today, The Economist reports that family firms still hold a steady place in today's economy. Read here