The Week That Was

Take a break from spring cleaning to read these top five stories from for the week of April 13. 

1. Special Report: Today's Middle Managers, Tomorrow's Senior Leaders: Once reserved for the most senior leaders, organizations are finding value in extending succession planning to their middle managers.

2. Filling a Leaky Pipeline: More than half of organizations don't have enough internal candidates to fulfill their succession planning needs, according to recent research.

3. Why 'Leaders Eat Last': Leadership is a skill, not an entitlement, says author Simon Sinek. 

4. Leading into the Unknown: Some leaders may feel crippled by today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business landscape. Five leadership characteristics can help leaders find success.

5. Rosetta Stone: Cracking the Comp Code: Needing to clean up a messy system, education technology firm Rosetta Stone Inc. implemented new technologies that allowed its compensation team to strategize against broader trends and reignite its sales force's motivation.

On Another Note … 

More companies are using pre-hire personality tests to weed out job candidates, putting job seekers in a difficult position. The Wall Street Journal has the story. Read here.

Also, Google's HR boss doesn't care where you went to college, via Business Insider. Read here

Finally, this company's new minimum wage: $70,000 a year, from The New York Times. Read here.