The Week That Was

Pack the final hours before March Madness' Final Four with these top five stories from for the week of March 30.

1. Why 'Leaders Eat Last': Leadership is a skill, not an entitlement, says author Simon Sinek.

2. The Power of Lists: List have power to drive employees to action, writes columnist Jac Fitz-enz, whether it's to solve a problem or make the workplace a little more fun.

3. Fitting Square Pegs in Round Holes: Employee fit is arguably the essence of employee engagement. But what happens when fit isn't immediately clear?

4. How to Talk About White Privilege | Video: If you mentioned it, you're ignoring underprivileged whites, but if you ignore it, you're ignoring economic opportunity historically granted by race. How should diversity executives tackle the topic?

5. Be Dynamic, Not Just Mechanic: Today's most effective form of storytelling requires leaders to listen to others' stories just as well as they tell their own, writes columnist Karen Dietz.

In Other News … 
More companies are blocking employees from banding together to file lawsuits against them, reports The Wall Street Journal this week. According to the report, "As employers try to stem the costs of lawsuits, more companies are requiring workers to bring serious complaints to arbitration and forbidding employees from participating in class actions." Read more here
Also, technology companies can get rid of sexism without ditching the culture that made them successful, writes The Economist. Read here.
Finally, unconventional work habits that will increase your productivity, from Business Insider. Read here