Expand Your Network

Using a network is critical to success in this situation. Today, there is greater access to information about jobs, companies and hiring managers than ever before. It makes sense to use both personal and professional networks.

Unfortunately, many people waste the time of their connections with vague and poorly written messages like:

“I’m looking for work. If you know of anyone hiring, please let me know.”

This only tells people you are looking for work. If you want your network to take action, help them help you with a message that is clear and easy to act on.

Provide a polished statement of what you are looking for.

“I’m looking for an intermediate talent management role with a midsize investment firm located in the greater Toronto area.”

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for introductions to help expand your network. Meeting and talking with new people can often indirectly lead to a job opportunity. You don’t always have to go for the hard sell. 

For example:

“I’m looking to expand my network and talk with successful information technology professionals in the retail industry. I’d like to hear their personal career story and get some tips on building my career. Can you recommend someone that I might connect with?”


“I’d like to meet other human resources professionals to learn more about the growing use of HR consultants in the high-tech sector vs. in-house HR. Can you recommend someone whom I might connect with?

Messages like these will be more likely to get an immediate and positive response.  Use your network effectively, and it can lead you to success.