The Week That Was

This time next week, we'll be preparing for the boys of summer and the start of baseball season. Get your important reading done this weekend by taking in these top five stories from for the week of March 23.

1. Why 'Leaders Eat Last': Leadership is a skill, not an entitlement, says author Simon Sinek. 

2. Why March Madness is Good for the Employee Experience: The annual college basketball tournament will no doubt destroy office productivity and Internet bandwidth. Smart employers will brace this, writes editor Frank Kalman.

3. Socially Exceptional Recruiting: Software company VMware Inc. overhauled its approach to recruiting by using social media to interact with and source potential job candidates. 

4. 7 Rules for Corporate Spring Break: Even though your college days are behind you, it's still important to take time to decompress, writes blogger Dan Bowling.

5. Hiring in the Age of Transparency: Social media has changed the recruitment game. But today's era of transparency in talent acquisition requires greater attention to detail. 

In Other News … 

U.S. universities are seeing a huge influx of foreign students coming to campus, thanks to the rise of an affluent class in China and generous scholarships. The Wall Street Journal has more here.

Also, five ways to combat a professional defeat, via Inc. Read here.

Finally, this is the ideal résumé of a midlevel employee, from Business Insider. Read here.