The Week That Was

Give yourself a break from March Madness this weekend by reading these top five stories from for the week of March 16.

1. 5 Tips to Solve Conflicts With Behavior: Examining behaviors objectively makes it possible for employees to identify specific behaviors in themselves and others that fuel conflict, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels.

2. Hiring in the Age of Transparency: Social media has changed the recruitment game. But today’s era of transparency in talent acquisition requires greater attention to detail.

3. Socially Exceptional Recruiting: Software company VMware Inc. overhauled its approach to recruiting by using social media to interact with and source potential job candidates.

4. Playing Office Cupid: If and when romance blossoms in the workplace, manage it so it promotes productivity, not drama.

5. Deciding the Future of Talent: Decision-making in talent planning requires added attention in today’s business environment, writes columnist Kevin Wilde.

In Other News …

Busy managers often find themselves in the position of managing others remotely. However, many managers say they value true in-person time more. The Wall Street Journal has the story. Read here.

Also, 17 bizarre interview questions asked by Facebook, Twitter and other real companies, via Business Insider. Read here.

Finally, Starbucks Corp.'s strategy to talk about race with customers, from Huffington Post. Read here.