The Week That Was

By this time next weekend, you'll likely be consumed in the annual March Madness college basketball tournament. Use your last sane weekend for a while to read these top five stories from for the week of March 9.

1. Organizing the Organization: Management thinking has spurred a few core organizational design standards over the years. Which fits best for your company?

2. How to Handle Feedback in the 'Everything is Awesome' World: Today's brand of employee feedback requires managers to walk a thin line between having an honest and open dialogue and offering valuable critique, writes editor Frank Kalman.

3. Telling the Talent Story: The push to create standardized reporting opens the door to give the story behind the numbers, writes columnists John Boudreau and David Creelman.

4. How to Silence Your Inner Critic: Bad news: self-criticism could be crippling your employees. Good news: it doesn’t take psychoanalysis — just on-target learning programs — to quiet inner critics.

5. VMware Inc.: Socially Exceptional Recruiting: Software company VMware Inc. overhauled its approach to recruiting by using social media to interact with and source potential job candidates.

In Other News …

What's the secret ingredient to getting more women in corporate leadership roles? Men, reports The Wall Street Journal. More men are joining corporate women's networks to help bolster the profiles of up-and-coming women senior leaders. Read here.

Also, workplace goal setting is make a comeback, reports The Economist. Read here.

Finally, the 30 most powerful people under 30, via Business Insider. Read here.