The Week That Was

Don't forget to "spring forward" this weekend. But before you change your clocks, read these top five stories from for the week of March 2.

1. Are Behavioral Interviews Still Relevant?: Some candidates have learned to beat traditional behavioral interview questions. But with the right approach, talent managers can still find value in using them.

2. The Retirement Plan Less Taken: Defined benefit plans are at their lowest point, but fewer are making the jump to only offering defined contribution.

3. Does Being a ‘Best Place to Work’ Really Matter?: The best work environments foster interpersonal connections that endure beyond employment with the company.

4. Forging a Predictive Path: Adoption of predictive analytics in talent management has been slow, but a few companies have shown how it can positively influence business.

5. The Gift of Storytelling: Through a well-crafted story, mentors can engage protégés in learning and show the consequences of taking or ignoring certain actions.

In Other News …

Companies are making physical design changes to their office space to encourage employees to get up and walk around more, reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Also, smartphones have changed the planet as perhaps the most important development of recent times, reports The Economist. Read here.

Finally, the new office trend: refuge rooms. Business Insider has more here.