The Week That Was

Goodbye February, hello March! Get the new month started off right by reading these top five stories from the week of February 23.

1. How to Stop Workplace Bullying: Clamping down on workplace bullying could mean saving thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Here’s where talent managers can start.

2. The Gift of Storytelling: Through a well-crafted story, mentors can engage protégés in learning and show the consquences of taking or ignoring certain actions.

3. Money Talks: Talent managers' ability to maximize HR's value is now married to their ability to talk in understandable terms, writes columnist Jac Fitz-enz.

4. Fueling a Culture of Engagement: Six talent practices stand above the rest when it comes to maximizing engagement throughout employees’ tenure.

5. How to Handle Feedback in the 'Everything is Awesome' World: Today's brand of employee feedback requires managers to walk a thin line between having an honest and open dialogue and offering valuable critique, writes editor Frank Kalman.

In Other News …

People don't have jobs anymore; they have "higher callings," reports The Wall Street Journal. Read here.

Also, software talent is hard to come by. The Economist writes of how other industries outside of Silicon Valley might go about recruiting top tech talent. Read here.

Finally, meet the Goldman Sachs vice president who worked for nearly 7 years as an undocumented immigrant, via Business Insider. Read here.