The Week That Was

We're officially in the home stretch onwards toward March. Beat the winter blues by reading these top five stories from for the week of Feb. 16.

1. Fueling a Culture of Engagement: Six talent practices stand above the rest when it comes to maximizing engagement throughout employees’ tenure.

2. True Talent Management Grit: Companies should consider measuring grit as part of their assessment process, writes blogger Dan Bowling.

3. The New Social Contract: Bring employees and employers together through a ‘tour of duty’ framework, argue authors Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh.

4. Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Hire Quality: With the economy on an upswing and voluntary turnover increasing as a result, quality hiring is under the spotlight. Predictive analytics can help companies alleviate first-year attrition.

5. The Perks of Peer Romance | Video: Although the media focuses on the negatives of boss-subordinate romances, peer-to-peer relationships could be beneficial — if handled correctly.

In Other News …

Maybe being the "superstar" employee isn't all it's cracked up to be.

According to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, constantly garnering attention and gaining credit for your value as an employee can be a turn off to co-workers. Writing in a post on LinkedIn, Chen says:

"Most employees think that the best way to show value to their boss and get promoted is to aggressively claim credit and ownership over everything they do. While it's important to be recognized for what you do and the value you add, grabbing the glory is going to turn off your co-workers."

Business Insider has more here.

Also, The Wall Street Journal talks with Twitter's Safety Officer of taking on trolls. Read here.