The Week That Was

The dog days of February are upon us, which means you probably have nothing better to do than to read these top five stories from for the week of Feb. 9.

1. Lift Off: Desks that lift into the ceiling at the end of the work day are the latest unorthodox management trend.

2. The Super Bowl? Why Positive Coaching Matters in Football and Business: Positive management style works better to achieve desired outcomes on and off the field.

3. Holding An Executive Accountable For Diversity: As GM’s first chief diversity officer, Ken Barrett has become responsible for making sure the company upholds its commitment to inclusion.

4. Why Sales Jobs Are Hard to Fill: Companies are struggling to fill lucrative sales jobs, according to a recent report. Why? Editor Frank Kalman profiles a Wall Street Journal report that breaks it down.

5. Coeur’s Major Miner Move | Cover Story Case Study: In need of growth and a fresh cultural mindset, Coeur Mining Inc. relocated from Idaho to Chicago, bringing with it a host of talent challenges.

In Other News …

The first 90 days are often touted as a critical stretch for new employees. But for bosses, the last 90 days is often just as critical as the first, as The Economist reports. Read here.

Also, providing employees proper feedback has been under the microscope of late, as psychologist and business management experts pinpoint how the right motivational triggers can get employees to perform better and be more engaged. But as The Wall Street Journal points out this week, being positive in feedback far outweighs the negative. Read more here.

Finally, seven ways to nail your final-round job interview, via Business Insider. Read here.