When Business Leaders Take to Navy SEAL Training

It turns out there are a lot of lessons from the battlefield that work just as well in the boardroom.

According to this story from Business Insider, many of the business world's top finance managers are spending their weekends participating in an intense Navy SEAL training program.

"Last weekend, 24 guys from the business and finance communities, including Pershing Square Capital CEO Bill Ackman and Kase Capital's Whitney Tilson, got a taste of the infamous six-month BUD/S course that aspiring Navy SEALS go through," reports Business Insider.

The program, named the "Leadership Under Fire," is hosted by leadership and team-building company Special Operations Training Group. Rob Roy, the group's founder, is a former Navy SEAL and author of the forthcoming book "The Navy SEAL Art of War."

Roy said in the Business Insider article that the program's physical stuff "wears off" after a while, and that the real lessons participants learn come in leadership. Specifically, he said the program aims to instill four pillars of leadership: inspiration, direction, guidance and hope.

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