The Week That Was

Pre-game Sunday's Super Bowl with these top five stories from for the week of Jan. 26.

1. HR Innovates to Engage: Most human resources professionals list employee engagement as the top imperative driving the need to foster innovation, according to recent research.

2. Linking Proficiency to Purpose: As adults, learners want real-time relevance and application; if the tie to usefulness is unclear, workers will lose interest in the subject matter, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith.

3. Recruiting Today Takes Social Skills: To find top talent, build a social media recruitment strategy that keeps your company at the hiring forefront, writes guest columnist Will Staney.

4. 3 Leadership Challenges to Watch for in 2015: Control, engagement and useful information are rare commodities for those in leadership. Develop skills accordingly.

5. U.S. Lags in Gender Diversity | Video: Women still hold only 19 percent of U.S. board seats. Editors Ladan Nikravan and Kellye Whitney discuss what could change that.

In Other News … 

The boss is in the room, so smile — and don't forget to be in a good mood.

According to recent psychological research, you won't have to remember to do either. As The Wall Street Journal wrote this week, "In a working paper currently under peer review at the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, workers reported that they tended to put on smiles and feign upbeat emotions during meetings when higher-ups were in the room. By contrast, when workers hold meetings with peers or with lower-status employees, they tend to express themselves more honestly, researchers found."

Read the entire article here.

Also, eight true but painful quotes about human insight from comic Larry David, via Inc. Read here.

Finally, the 50 most underrated colleges in America, from Business Insider. Read here.