Office Showers Are Now a Thing, Apparently

I give up.

Just when you thought office perks had hit their peek — onsite haircuts, dry cleaning, yoga classes, the list goes on — there always seems to be something else around the corner.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the latest homey office amenity is the shower. Yes, a shower. In the office. Sometimes included in a cubicle.

The Journal report says:

"The latest homey amenity to crop up in the workplace, office showers are going mainstream, ushering in a new era of intimacy and awkwardness among co-workers. Many workers have mastered the perils of the corporate gym locker room — studiously avoiding eye contact to avert a glimpse of the boss in boxer briefs — but the showers near their cubicles have raised a host of new issues, from purloined towels to hot-water hogs."


But, of course, it gets weirder.

The Journal story continues:

"At showerless companies, employees sometimes improvise. Kevin Meany, CEO of marketing firm BFG Communications, noticed water running out from under a nearby fence when he arrived at the company’s Hilton Head, S.C., office one July morning. At first fearing a pipe had burst, he then made out a person holding a hose over his head. It was a BFG art director, clad in boxer shorts, rinsing off after a long bike ride."

I'm all for a good scrub down, but come on.

Read the entire story here.