5 Questions to Ask About Your Onboarding Program

Image courtesy of Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

According to the 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility survey, companies lose 25 percent of all new employees within a year.

Organizational design experts and internal human resources pros agree on the basics for successful onboarding. Ask the following questions about your company’s first-year onboarding program; “yes” answers to most point to solid onboarding health.

1. Have you engaged all the key stakeholders in your company in the first-year onboarding process?

2. Have you used technology to facilitate onboarding?

3. Is your process participatory in nature?

4. Have you created written onboarding plans?

5. Have you let new hires know about the basics of your onboarding plan before their first day on the job?

—Geri Anne Fennessey