The Week That Was

We're still a little more than a week away from Santa! Get into the holiday spirit with these top five stories from the week of Dec. 8.

1. Elf on the Shelf — at Work?: Organizations should have an employee who monitors behavior and productivity at work, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels.

2. Winding Up Performance Management: Reframing the dreaded annual review between manager and employer to a more qualitative and motivating approach is easier said than done. 

3. Stop Emailing So Much: The urge to respond to emails at work has employees stressed out, according to recent research, so stop doing it so much, writes editor Frank Kalman.

4. Special Report: Behavioral Issues: Use of behavioral assessments in talent management has grown rapidly in recent years. How can talent managers ensure they're using them right? 

5. More Than Words: Real outcomes aren't just words and numbers. Real outcomes are contributions that make a difference for employees and employers.

In Other News … 

We're all getting raises!

Well, that's what management consultancy Hay Group says.

According to the company's 2015 forecast, the global average salary should rise by 5.4 percent in 2015, up from a 5.2 percent increase this year. The bumped forecast was reported earlier this week by The Wall Street Journal. With inflation taken into account, real average income is expected to grow 1.4 percent next year, Hay Group said, compared with 1.5 percent last year. Read more here.

Also, the easiest way to influence anyone, thanks to Business Insider and Inc. Read here.