The Week That Was

Whet your pre-Thanksgiving appetite with these top five stories from for the week of Nov. 17.

1. Shifting Focus to Agile Development: Moving to an agile approach from learning and development means organizations have to shift their cultures, decision-making processes and overall talent practices.

2. Keeping Background Checks in Check: Criminal background checks are essential, but talent managers should be wary of the legal challenges they can bring.

3. Redeveloping the Individual Development Plan: The individual development plan needs an update to better conform to the fluid nature of talent management.

4. What's It Worth?: Plan ways to capture value before creating a new program, writes Talent Management columnist Kevin Wilde.

5. Is Your Diversity Training Inclusive? | Video: Editors Ladan Nikravan and Kellye Whitney discuss diversity training and how to create a program that is both valuable and actionable within your organization.

In Other News …

As the holiday shopping rush known as "Black Friday" gives ground to the growing popularity of "Cyber Monday" — the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend — companies like UPS and FedEx are having to deal with a surge in orders during a once-quiet period for the package delivery firms. The Wall Street Journal this week profiled how the companies are handing the new post-Thanksgiving rush. Read here.

Also, Business Insider got hold of an internal presentation driving service Uber gives to its staff. The presentation includes the competencies the company expects all its employees to have, including "Fierceness" and "Super Pumpedness." Read here.