The Week That Was

It's peak fall foliage season, so accompany your walk taking in the leaves with these top five stories from for the week of October 13.

1. Mentoring in a Millennial World: Millennials’ craving for mentoring is high, but the way in which the generation prefers to connect, learn and share expertise leaves traditional mentoring programs ill-equipped.

2. To Tell the Truth: Tales on Catching Tall Tales on Résumés: A bad hire is extremely costly especially for executives and other high-level professionals, one executive said. It really pays for companies to check references.

3. HR Steps Up Its Game: Investment in studying, learning and practicing in the emerging way is helping the field remain relevant, writes Talent Management columnist Jac Fitz-enz.

4. Happiness Strategies for Daily Life: Happiness is something you should seek in both your personal and professional lives, according to Talent Management blogger Dan Bowling.

5. Be Wary of Experts: Decision-making in business is arguably harder than ever, says author and economist Noreena Hertz. How can talent managers properly deal with the glut of ‘expert’ information?

In Other News …

Meet the newest employee perk on the tech scene: freezing female employees' eggs. That's right. Apple and Facebook are two companies that have decided to cover the expensive procedure that allows women to freeze eggs in prime fertility years for later on in life. Read here and here for more.

Also, why more entrepreneurs than ever are going to business school, via Business Insider. Read here.