The Week That Was

Chicagoans are gearing up to run the big Chicago Marathon this weekend. Supplement your pre-race meal with these top five stories from for the week of Oct. 6.

1. Mentoring in a Millennial World: Millennials' craving for mentoring is high, but the way in which the generation prefers to connect, learn and share expertise leaves traditional mentoring programs ill-equipped.

2. What Leaders Don't Know Could Hurt: Decades of research on teams and teamwork reveal valid and practical principles for designing and rewarding teams — and they may surprise leaders. Talent Management columnist John Boudreau has more.

3. More Stay Interviews, Fewer Exit Interviews: The stay interview is a productive tool needed in managers' toolkits — though managers must heed important distinctions to be successful.

4. Policies Alone Don't Change Behavior: Take a lesson from the NFL: Policy words are cheap; it takes more to make sure employees are behaving themselves.

5. Outfitting Outplacement: An effective outplacement strategy does more than just manage the transitions for those ultimately leaving the company. Here are three big questions talent managers need to consider. 

In Other News … 

It was HR Tech Week in glorious Las Vegas, and Managing Editor Rick Bell and I made it rain (not). Conferences are great for chance encounters and relationship building, which I did plenty of this week. Rick wrote about a chance encounter he had here.

Also, formatting hacks to improve your résumé, via Business Insider | Video. Read here.

And why not … The Wall Street Journal takes a deeper look into the legality of wellness programs. Read here.