Survey: Most Employees Think Minimum Wage Should Increase

Most employees want a minimum wage hike.

According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 62 percent of employees think the minimum wage should be increased in their state.

A little more than half of respondents in the survey, meanwhile, said a minimum wage of at least $10 an hour is fair, while 1 in 10 said no minimum wage should be set. Roughly half of respondents to the survey said a minimum wage hike would increase consumer spending, a major factor contributing to U.S. economic growth.

The survey, conducted May 13 to June 6, included 3,372 full-time workers in the private sector across industries and company sizes as well as 2,188 full-time hiring and human resources managers.

Even though most would like to see a minimum wage hike, just 7 percent said they think $15 per hour or more would be fair, the survey showed. Roughly half of respondents said a fair minimum wage should be set between $10 and $14 an hour.