The Week That Was

Summer is over. Put away your white pants and read these top five stories from for the week of Sept. 1.

1. Managing Results Isn't Enough; Focus on Behaviors: Leaders need to understand the underlying behaviors that get results, writes Talent Management blogger Aubrey Daniels.

2. A Switch to the Cloud Taking Shape: As cloud technology captures the tech market, firms remain skittish on moving entire HR systems off-site. Still, benefits abound. Talent Management editor Sarah Sipek has more in this issue's special report on HR technology.

3. Use Design Thinking to Develop Better Leaders: Saying, "Here's what we have" rather than, "Here's what we need to fix" could be the key to better leadership and higher performance, writes Talent Management editor Kate Everson.

4. Bring Your Own … Now What? Cloud Models Explained: With more companies moving their data systems and operations to the cloud, it's important for talent managers to understand the fine details behind the technology. Johnathan Lightfoot has more.

5. Deploying Network Talent to Drive Innovation: For companies to continuously innovate, they must first redesign how jobs are structured to discover and communicate new ideas, writes Rob Cross and Chris Ernst.

In Other News …

The battle of introverts vs. extroverts in business is a conversation ripe with research and debate. For its part, Inc. takes a stab at writing about the business benefits of being an introvert. According to the business magazine, introverts are better leaders because they listen better and offer other, noteworthy qualities that extroverts lack. Check out more in this nifty little graphic the magazine put together. Read here.

Also, Walmart has a new dress code, and employees are not happy. Read more here, via Business Insider.