The Week That Was

One more week before Labor Day, so while you're putting on those white jeans for the last time, read these top five stories from the week of Aug. 18.

1. Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Hiring Quality: With the economy on an upswing and voluntary turnover increasing as a result, quality hiring is under the spotlight. Predictive analytics can help companies alleviate first-year attrition. Ranjan Dutta has the story.

2. A Return to 1960s Transformation?: The next big idea may have nothing to do with technology, writes Talent Management columnist Jac Fitz-enz.

3. How to Develop a Peer Mentoring Program: Peer mentoring programs can help companies build the kind of talent development networks needed in today's business environment, writes Matt Donovan.

4. Busyness Could be a Mask for Depression: Stop distracting yourself with small tasks and deal with the real issue, writes Talent Management blogger Dan Bowling.

5. Guarding Against Wage and Hour Litigation: Properly classifying employees to comply with regulations for overtime pay and other work conditions can safeguard organizations from millions of dollars a year in legal settlements. Robert E. Lewis and Toni S. Locklear have more.

In Other News …

LinkedIn has no doubt changed how the labor market functions. Not only do professionals use the networking website to post a profile, upload a resume and look for a job, but recruiters use the service to source and spotlight passive candidates — those not actively looking for new work — like never before.

This week The Economist took an expansive look at LinkedIn and its future prospects. By and large, the social network, already a big part of most people's professional lives, has a lot of room for growth. With its current membership in the hundreds of millions, the Silicon Vally company seeks to eventually tap the entirety of the world's labor force — a mass that could be as much as 3 billion, The Economist estimates.

Read more here.

Also, speaking of LinkedIn, Business Insider has words never to include on your profile. Read here.