The Week That Was

Turn up the heat on the final weeks of summer with these top five stories from for the week of Aug. 11.

1. Mindfulness: A Key to Productivity at Work: It might be time to reconsider the power of mindfulness to counteract some of the common issues often encountered at work, according to author Sharon Salzberg. Talent Management editor Kellye Whitney has more in this issue's Insight.

2. Busyness Could Be a Mask for Depression: Stop distracting yourself with small tasks and deal with the real issue, writes Talent Management blogger Dan Bowling.

3. A Scientific Look at Diversity, With Business Results: There is proven value in more diverse teams, and Columbia Business School's Katherine Phillips has data on how that changes performance.

4. Managing Morale, Productivity Amid Looming Change: Microsoft's annoucement of major job cuts spotlights a challenge for HR when companies annouce pending changes — how to manage productivity and morale throughout the process. Talent Management editor Luke Siuty has the story.

5. Firms Struggle to Align Compensation, Business Strategy: Most HR professionals either aren't sure or disagree that their company's compensation programs are fully aligned to the business strategy, according to recent data.

In Other News …

The numbers showing the best-paying jobs for the year 2014 are out. And surprise, surprise — surgeon tops the list, with an average annual salary of just more than $230,000.

Other best-paying jobs for this year, according to an article this week in The Wall Street Journal, include physician ($187,200), psychiatrist ($178,950) and orthodontist ($149,310). Find the others here.

Also, the 17 most bizarre tech company interviews ever, according to Business Insider. Read here.