Can Playing a Video Game Land You a Job?

Can playing a video game build skills relavant when applying for a job?

That's the question at the heart of a report from The Wall Street Journal this morning, which says some job seekers are listing achievements in video games like "World of Warcraft" on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. The hope, the article says, is that virtual-world accomplishments will impress companies and hiring managers alike.

Like other role-playing and strategy-based video games, "World of Warcraft" has its users complete quests as a class of soldier and fight monsters in a fantasy world. According to the Journal report, players often recruit other soldiers, train them and develop strategies for missions.

According to those cited in the report, some game players say these tasks aren't that different from what is required in an office job — like project management or leadership.

Meanwhile, hiring managers cited in the article said they weren't entirely convinced skills built through playing a video game were transferable to landing a real job.

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