The Week That Was

Get your knowledge on with these top five stories from for the week of July 28.

1. Extravagant Perks Aren't a Strong Talent Management Strategy: Knowing what actually motivates your workforce is more useful than simply spending more, writes Talent Management editor Sarah Sipek.

2. Acceptance as a Nurturer of Courage: Good mentors instill the courage to try, even at the risk of failure, writes Talent Management columnist Marshall Goldsmith.

3. How Mobile Delivers Talent for UPS: Needing to overcome hiring challenges during its peak holiday season, UPS built a mobile and social recruitment strategy. Talent Management editor Rita Pyrillis has this issue's cover story case study.

4. Initiative Overload: Why Organizations Can't Get Anything Done: Technology can be a distraction in the workplace. Take proactive steps to make sure that it helps, not hinders, performance, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels.

5. Too High on High Potentials?: Focusing development resources exclusively on high potentials is common, but what about the other 90 percent of the organization? Sarah Fister Gale has the story.

In Other News … 

Groups and companies that serve freelancers are beginning to offer benefits to these kinds of workers, reports a Wall Street Journal article this week.

According to the report, published Wednesday, these groups are offering access to insurance such as "disability and liability coverage and work-policies that make project work a little more stable and predictable.

"So far," the report continues, "the benefits are emerging in patchwork fashion, illustrating a conundrum of the freelance life: the traditional employee-employer model is changing, but there is no clear definition of what is to come."

Read more here.

Also, are men overpaid for overwork? The New Yorker explores. Read here.