The Week That Was

It is advised to wait 30 minutes before swimming after eating. Spend that time reading these top five stories from for the week of July 14.

1. Humility Above Arrogance: From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, arrogance in successful leaders is tolerated and, in some instances, celebrated. But the line between confidence and arrogance is razor-thin, and having an overinflated opinion of oneself isn’t good for business. Talent Management editor Rita Pyrillis has the story.

2. Why One Company Pays $25,000 to Quit: Videogame maker Riot Games is the latest company offering to pay employees to quit if they’re not happy at work, and experts say it’s a great talent management strategy. Talent Management editor Sarah Sipek has more.

3. Global Leadership Development Initiatives Show Little Progress: Less than half of senior business and HR executives say their companies have incorporated global practices into their leadership development programs, writes Talent Management editor Luke Siuty.

4. The Business Value of a Healthy Workforce: Most U.S. employers plan to increase their support of health and wellness programs during the next two years. Steven Nyce and Shelly Wolff have more in this issue's Dashboard.

5. Moodswing as an Indicator of Hiring Success: Moods, emotions and dispositions can influence job performance, decision-making and creativity. Assessing and measuring these traits when hiring can lead to better-performing work teams. Todd Merrill has more.

In Other News …

Getting a pay raise at the end of the year is pretty awesome. What's better: getting two or even three pay raises throughout the course of the year. The Wall Street Journal this week explored the idea of giving employees mutiple raises throughout the year. Proponents say the practice helps increase motivation, performance and engagement over the course of the year instead of at the end of it. Critics say such bumps in motivation and engagement are short lived. Read more here.

Also, how to acheive the right amount of stress, via Business Insider. Read here.